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deviation in storage by Athelio


Restless flight by SkullCollectorCubone

I really like the pose and everything, except for I feel like the colors don't really match if you get what I'm saying. They just feel ...


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Journal History


As you may have noticed, I've sorta recused from DA recently. I left all rp groups except for one, and haven't really done much art. I've just been too busy.
From now on I'll only be making art for my own enjoyment (which I should have always been doing).
I'll be inactive on DA except for the few days in a month I just come on to clean out my message box or submit something.
If you need to contact me, tumblr is always a good option (
And if you really want to commission me, send me a note and we can figure something out.

Happy New Years!
ORAS HYPE (FOR SALE) by Aceykunn
Hey guys! I'm taking offers for all three of these cuties and pokemon emerald. buy them separately or all together!
Standard shipping free! express shipping (to get in time for the ORAS release) will be paid by you.
minimum for each guy:
Meatloaf (Mudkip): $12
Raisin Bran (Torchic): $12
Steve (Treecko): $12
Pokemon Emerald: $30
All: $50 (if you buy all, I will crochet a little surprise for you!)

If you die before you wake,
Do not cry and do not ache.
Nothing’s ever yours to keep.
So close your eyes and go to sleep.


Jinxie huffed as she feel to the ground. Her field of vision was fading fast and all she could hear was her heart beating.
I'm coming....
Nothing more you can do...
Face it,
Your gone.....</b>

No. Not again. I will not let you hurt another one. You are not getting out this time!

Rising to her feet, she swayed a bit from the harsh winds and from being weak. Jinxie then lit up a small fire in both her hands and threw it on the ground to light up a circle around her. She couldn't see very well due to the blurring edges in her vision, but she knew that Broken was coming towards her, and fast. She curled herself into a ball and let the fire overtake her. Broken jumped right over just as she disappeared into nothing but a flame.
This would give her some time to recover.
As she rested she checked out her body. Her knees were getting even worse and locking every few minutes, her back felt sprained, and all her muscles were sore. 
She healed all she could before being ejected from the fire. Her power was almost up and the battle was nowhere near an obvious end. 
She sat up and set up a fire shield just as a smoke monster attacked her.
She shot a few fireballs at it and towards the general direction of Broken, but did no serious damage. Just as she was about to get up, two large unknown masses charged at Jinxie and Broken. Jinxie reacted quickly by letting out a stream of fire to keep the thing back, but Broken wasn't so lucky. He got thrown back a few feet and Jinxie could swear she heard a crack. 
Jinxie jumped out and used her gems power to float over the thing so she could tackle it. 
Getting on it's back, she held on right but suddenly got this overwhelming urge to grab its temples. She did so and was transported into a blank state of mind. White, blue, and orange lights surrounding her as overtook the monsters head. She saw all of its thoughts and feelings and decided to use that to her advantage. 
charge him, and kill him
no, just take him out, do not kill him.
She was then thrown off of the beast and onto the dirty snow in that area.
The beast looked at her, and then turned around to face Broken. He had little to no time at all to react as the large creature ran at him and tackled him to the ground. The second creature paid attention to his buddy and decided to do the same thing. Soon, Broken would no longer be struggling as he was squished completely by the strange beasts from nowhere.
Jinxie smiled and then collapsed to the ground as he knees have out. She needed her crutches and she needed them badly. Improvising, she used the last of her already few energy to build two sturdy sticks out of the snow around her using her gem. She got up using her makeshift crutches and walked away from the pile of bodies, but just as she was about to exit the arena, something hit the back of her head and she fainted.


The ending of the floor
Has caught me unawares.
This must be the reason
Why I'm falling down the stairs.
TOURNY round 5
Oh god I didn't realize how close the deadline was!!! Well anyways, here it is
Jinxie vs. broken.
Chronamatic|| CRM007 by Aceykunn
Chronamatic|| CRM007
✦ Access to [ In the Mind's Eye ]
3 GP ✦ 447 MP ✦ 7 SP 

-- AI --
Given Name/Machine Name: Chronamatic|| CMR007 (Cromaetos 007)
Durability: 9/60
Gender: :bulletblue:Type 1 - Female:bulletpink:
Height/Weight: 165cm/45kg ||5'5"ft/100lb
Company of Origin: Prina Ilsa the Crystal Roses- Beauty/Domus
Specialty Type: Orin prototype. G¬i†çhe∂
Personality Type:
:bulletpink: Main personality type: Loyal, courageous, foolhardy, intimidating, quiet, thoughtful, sensible, modest, reasonable  (her main personality was wiped, so it was replaced by a leader-type AI personality pack, although she adjusted many of these qualities to fit in, making herself more humble and quiet and only speaking up when she sees the need to)
:bulletpink: Sub-personality: Dulled down version of her Fight or flight (absolute survival) mode: stubborn, resourceful, quick on her feet, and clever.
:bulletpink:Hidden personality: Humble, adventourous, outgoing. it used to be the personality gained through interactions with her owners, but now it is even more corrupt. It still has a trace of her old self, but when she enters this personality, she becomes extremely G¬i†çhe∂ (loosing all of her skills, having brain and gear spasms,powering down, freezing,etc.). It takes a bit of time to transfer in between this type and one of her other two. 
Division::bulletred: Vanguard :bulletred:
Likes: (her likes and dislikes were wiped amoung many other things, only 17% of these were programmed)
:bulletyellow: silence
:bulletyellow: sunsets/rises
:bulletyellow: music
:bulletyellow: protecting people
:bulletyellow: water
:bulletyellow: nature
:bulletyellow: the unknown
:bulletyellow: adventure
:bulletyellow: good/ happy atmosphere
:bulletyellow: playing games
:bulletyellow: the sound of laughter
:bulletpurple: disruptive people
:bulletpurple: people touching her
:bulletpurple: being bossed around
:bulletpurple: being feared
:bulletpurple: cleaning
:bulletpurple: over talkative people
:bulletpurple: judging/being judged
Purpose: She was built for entertainment and beauty, but that data was corrupted during the punishment, so she is trying to find her purpose now.
 Chrona was created by Rainer Trohn after his wife had a miscarriage. Even though that they had a two year old son at the time, Trohn saw how torn his wife was and set on a quest to get her the daughter she deserved. He spent over a dozen years trying to create the 'perfect daughter' after that, but during his turmoil, his wife got terribly sick and died when their son Foster was 10. This caused Rainer to become more motivated to finish his project, but it brought him farther away from his son. 

When Chrona was brought into existence, she was the seventh prototype and the closest one to perfect that Rainer could make with the materials he had at hand. Even though he worked for Prina Ilisa, the company was getting restless and wanted results, and so he made her into and entertainer AI that was as close to human as possible. She started living with him and working in society right after her production was finished, but Rainer knew right away that she had a glitch in her system. He noticed the differences between her programmed personality and the one she gained from interactions were gradually getting more severe. He modified her a bit, but it only made her problems worse. He did a final modification when she was 4 years old and thought that everything was ok, but in fact she was just pretending to be on the line between her programmed personalities. The reason she did this was that Foster was worried that her system would become too damaged if another upgrade would be installed.  He convinced Chrona to act all right in front of his father. 

Chrona woke up somehow already on Hien. She didn't remember a thing and had most of her systems either corrupted or completely wiped. A man who gave her the name Dalton fixed her up and helped her to get to her first refugee camp. Due to her peculiar case, she couldn't stay in any one camp for long. She was either too violent, too broken, or too scary for the residents and so she jumped from camp to camp until eventually finding herself in the Last Shield. She was assigned to Vanguard after getting interviewed and found herself settling in nicely. She discorvered many things while outside the camp and slowly started regaining her memories.

{A more detailed history to come soon}

Voice| self defense. (goes up to a very high pitch that paralyzes enemies)

Beauty|seduction (beauty is a weapon)

Nails| fighting (her nails elongate and spit out poison at the ends)


long knife| vanguard weapon

Additional Info: 
:bulletblue: She has a domus defense program installed.
:bulletblue: a tattoo of the prina ilsa logo is on her stomach. It used to glow until the prina ilsa building was destroyed and chrona lost her connection with it.
:bulletblue: her eyes are now grey due to the same reason as above.
:bulletblue: her model and number are on the back of her neck.
:bulletblue: she got three tattoos after the punishment, each with its own significance.
:bulletblue: She's completely waterproof.
:bulletblue: Due to how she was programmed and trained, whenever she hears a bell, she usually calms down and enters into a "sleep" mode. 
:bulletblue: She wears a shoulder pad due to the fact that her skin was ripped open and so she is vunerable in that spot.

Full body picture:

Her song:



Light a Roman Candle with me by Aceykunn
Phillip Maxwell by Aceykunn
Red Fullbody by Aceykunn
GIrl in the sea by Aceykunn
Reflections are your friendly foes by Aceykunn
Discord-CHR 101 by Aceykunn
With BG or not, your choice
mostly for the groups I'm in, but I can do OCs and other characters too. I am not so keen on fanart, but I will definitely try~
Booppoop by Aceykunn
Blossom Viewing madness by Aceykunn
Sqoochysqoochy by Aceykunn
Pts305/ intriguing eye by Aceykunn
Badger~ by Aceykunn
Jango+Haku icon by Aceykunn
Up to 20 frames! If it is more, please note me for a price range. If ti is a flash request, also note me.
Jangoheadshot by Aceykunn
Formal art swap by Aceykunn
Lacuna Lazarus by Aceykunn
You can chose if you want a bg or not. You can also choose which medium you prefer. And if you want a traditional medium, I can ship it to you for an extra cost. (Also, some mediums, like acrylic paint cost a bit more)


Aceykunn's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Avital, I'm 15 and I live in a wasteland called America.

I do art trades, point commissions, collabs, kiribians and sometimes gifts/requests.

I go to an art high school.

My tumblr is:

If you would like to draw me anything or use one of my characters, there is no need to ask! Just make sure to show it to me one way or another ^^

My birthday badge

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