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Restless flight by SkullCollectorCubone

I really like the pose and everything, except for I feel like the colors don't really match if you get what I'm saying. They just feel ...


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Journal History


If you die before you wake,
Do not cry and do not ache.
Nothing’s ever yours to keep.
So close your eyes and go to sleep.


Jinxie huffed as she feel to the ground. Her field of vision was fading fast and all she could hear was her heart beating.
I'm coming....
Nothing more you can do...
Face it,
Your gone.....</b>

No. Not again. I will not let you hurt another one. You are not getting out this time!

Rising to her feet, she swayed a bit from the harsh winds and from being weak. Jinxie then lit up a small fire in both her hands and threw it on the ground to light up a circle around her. She couldn't see very well due to the blurring edges in her vision, but she knew that Broken was coming towards her, and fast. She curled herself into a ball and let the fire overtake her. Broken jumped right over just as she disappeared into nothing but a flame.
This would give her some time to recover.
As she rested she checked out her body. Her knees were getting even worse and locking every few minutes, her back felt sprained, and all her muscles were sore. 
She healed all she could before being ejected from the fire. Her power was almost up and the battle was nowhere near an obvious end. 
She sat up and set up a fire shield just as a smoke monster attacked her.
She shot a few fireballs at it and towards the general direction of Broken, but did no serious damage. Just as she was about to get up, two large unknown masses charged at Jinxie and Broken. Jinxie reacted quickly by letting out a stream of fire to keep the thing back, but Broken wasn't so lucky. He got thrown back a few feet and Jinxie could swear she heard a crack. 
Jinxie jumped out and used her gems power to float over the thing so she could tackle it. 
Getting on it's back, she held on right but suddenly got this overwhelming urge to grab its temples. She did so and was transported into a blank state of mind. White, blue, and orange lights surrounding her as overtook the monsters head. She saw all of its thoughts and feelings and decided to use that to her advantage. 
charge him, and kill him
no, just take him out, do not kill him.
She was then thrown off of the beast and onto the dirty snow in that area.
The beast looked at her, and then turned around to face Broken. He had little to no time at all to react as the large creature ran at him and tackled him to the ground. The second creature paid attention to his buddy and decided to do the same thing. Soon, Broken would no longer be struggling as he was squished completely by the strange beasts from nowhere.
Jinxie smiled and then collapsed to the ground as he knees have out. She needed her crutches and she needed them badly. Improvising, she used the last of her already few energy to build two sturdy sticks out of the snow around her using her gem. She got up using her makeshift crutches and walked away from the pile of bodies, but just as she was about to exit the arena, something hit the back of her head and she fainted.


The ending of the floor
Has caught me unawares.
This must be the reason
Why I'm falling down the stairs.
TOURNY round 5
Oh god I didn't realize how close the deadline was!!! Well anyways, here it is
Jinxie vs. broken.
Chronamatic|| CRM007 by Aceykunn
Chronamatic|| CRM007
✦ Access to [ In the Mind's Eye ]
3 GP ✦ 447 MP ✦ 7 SP 

-- AI --
Given Name/Machine Name: Chronamatic|| CMR007 (Cromaetos 007)
Durability: 9/60
Gender: :bulletblue:Type 1 - Female:bulletpink:
Height/Weight: 165cm/45kg ||5'5"ft/100lb
Company of Origin: Prina Ilsa the Crystal Roses- Beauty/Domus
Specialty Type: Orin prototype. G¬i†çhe∂
Personality Type:
:bulletpink: Main personality type: Loyal, courageous, foolhardy, intimidating, quiet, thoughtful, sensible, modest, reasonable  (her main personality was wiped, so it was replaced by a leader-type AI personality pack, although she adjusted many of these qualities to fit in, making herself more humble and quiet and only speaking up when she sees the need to)
:bulletpink: Sub-personality: Dulled down version of her Fight or flight (absolute survival) mode: stubborn, resourceful, quick on her feet, and clever.
:bulletpink:Hidden personality: Humble, adventourous, outgoing. it used to be the personality gained through interactions with her owners, but now it is even more corrupt. It still has a trace of her old self, but when she enters this personality, she becomes extremely G¬i†çhe∂ (loosing all of her skills, having brain and gear spasms,powering down, freezing,etc.). It takes a bit of time to transfer in between this type and one of her other two. 
Division::bulletred: Vanguard :bulletred:
Likes: (her likes and dislikes were wiped amoung many other things, only 17% of these were programmed)
:bulletyellow: silence
:bulletyellow: sunsets/rises
:bulletyellow: music
:bulletyellow: protecting people
:bulletyellow: water
:bulletyellow: nature
:bulletyellow: the unknown
:bulletyellow: adventure
:bulletyellow: good/ happy atmosphere
:bulletyellow: playing games
:bulletyellow: the sound of laughter
:bulletpurple: disruptive people
:bulletpurple: people touching her
:bulletpurple: being bossed around
:bulletpurple: being feared
:bulletpurple: cleaning
:bulletpurple: over talkative people
:bulletpurple: judging/being judged
Purpose: She was built for entertainment and beauty, but that data was corrupted during the punishment, so she is trying to find her purpose now.
 Chrona was created by Rainer Trohn after his wife had a miscarriage. Even though that they had a two year old son at the time, Trohn saw how torn his wife was and set on a quest to get her the daughter she deserved. He spent over a dozen years trying to create the 'perfect daughter' after that, but during his turmoil, his wife got terribly sick and died when their son Foster was 10. This caused Rainer to become more motivated to finish his project, but it brought him farther away from his son. 

When Chrona was brought into existence, she was the seventh prototype and the closest one to perfect that Rainer could make with the materials he had at hand. Even though he worked for Prina Ilisa, the company was getting restless and wanted results, and so he made her into and entertainer AI that was as close to human as possible. She started living with him and working in society right after her production was finished, but Rainer knew right away that she had a glitch in her system. He noticed the differences between her programmed personality and the one she gained from interactions were gradually getting more severe. He modified her a bit, but it only made her problems worse. He did a final modification when she was 4 years old and thought that everything was ok, but in fact she was just pretending to be on the line between her programmed personalities. The reason she did this was that Foster was worried that her system would become too damaged if another upgrade would be installed.  He convinced Chrona to act all right in front of his father. 

Chrona woke up somehow already on Hien. She didn't remember a thing and had most of her systems either corrupted or completely wiped. A man who gave her the name Dalton fixed her up and helped her to get to her first refugee camp. Due to her peculiar case, she couldn't stay in any one camp for long. She was either too violent, too broken, or too scary for the residents and so she jumped from camp to camp until eventually finding herself in the Last Shield. She was assigned to Vanguard after getting interviewed and found herself settling in nicely. She discorvered many things while outside the camp and slowly started regaining her memories.

{A more detailed history to come soon}

Voice| self defense. (goes up to a very high pitch that paralyzes enemies)

Beauty|seduction (beauty is a weapon)

Nails| fighting (her nails elongate and spit out poison at the ends)


long knife| vanguard weapon

Additional Info: 
:bulletblue: She has a domus defense program installed.
:bulletblue: a tattoo of the prina ilsa logo is on her stomach. It used to glow until the prina ilsa building was destroyed and chrona lost her connection with it.
:bulletblue: her eyes are now grey due to the same reason as above.
:bulletblue: her model and number are on the back of her neck.
:bulletblue: she got three tattoos after the punishment, each with its own significance.
:bulletblue: She's completely waterproof.
:bulletblue: Due to how she was programmed and trained, whenever she hears a bell, she usually calms down and enters into a "sleep" mode. 
:bulletblue: She wears a shoulder pad due to the fact that her skin was ripped open and so she is vunerable in that spot.

Full body picture:

Her song:

A grunt escaped the ruffled girl lips as she came to her senses. A beam of light sneaked behind the curtains and hit her straight in the face. she moaned and covered her face as the birds sang outside. 
Every bone of hers started aching within the next minute as she began actually waking up. Jinxie let out a pained groaned as she tried to sit up, but only managing to get her head leaned against the wall. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she let out a series of yawns and groans. The last few days she had spent laying in bed trying to recover from her embarrassing defeat in the third round of the tournament. Both her knees were fractured and she was pretty sure that she had at least 2 ribs broken. She refused to visit the infirmary in case they told her she couldn't participate in the tournament anymore or if they gave her any drugs. 
One last large yawn came out of her mouth before she forcefully shut her mouth. She was going to get out of this bed. no matter what. Today was the fourth round of the tournament and she had to be there. she just had to. 
She considered using fire to lift herself up, but quickly realized that unlike herself, her surroundings were in fact flammable. Instead, she turned over with a painful grunt and tried to reach for the crutches she laid out just in case she would somehow be able to walk. She managed to get one, but knocked the second over in the process. Quite upset, she whimpered.
"You are such a dumb loser."
Jinxie looked up, now aggravated. "why the hell would you say that? You're just a mask, you don't know anything."
The crutch that was laying on the ground now started to float up, along with a glowing and cracked red mask. "I might just be a mask, but I do know things. I know things like you."
"You've barely been here a month now. How do you expect to know me?" She grabbed the other crutch out of the air and started trying to push herself up using them. 
His glow flickered, as if he was nervous. "I uhh....I told you. I knew your father. Uhm I was his battle mask!"
"yeah you told me that, but I hardly believe you." she huffed. "but whatever..."
the mask floated closer to her. "But back to the main point. You are such a dumb loser."
she threw a pillow at him. "Oh shut up you."
"no, I'm not joking. Firstly, you're dumb enough to be serious about continuing in the tournament in you condition. And secondly, you are becoming a loser instantly if you're not using the tool that help you the most in being a stupid and injured contestant."
Jinxie scoffed. "And what tool would that be?"
It almost felt like the mask rolled its non-existent eyes. He slowly floated over her and landed his tip onto her chest. "You're magic baby."
She swatted him away. "I hate using this thing." Jinxie pulled down her shirt to reveal a glittery stone surrounded by a chest overgrown with feathers. 
"Well it's the only way you even have a chance at winning this thing." He floated over to her shelf and gently settled himself there. "So can you put your dark disdain of your carbuncle genes behind you for just one day?" After saying that, the mask ceased to glow and actually looked lifeless, as if it were a normal mask with no magical qualities. 
Jinxie growled at the thing, although it didn't really do anything at this point. "I guess I have to use this damn thing then." She tapped the gem and let out a deep breath. 
Closing her eyes, she started focusing all of her energy on the stone and on her power to heal. As her stone started to glow, it felt like a breeze passed by in the room. everything was at a standstill and the atmosphere around Jinxie became warm and welcoming. She covered her chest with both her arms, absorbing the light emitted from it. She then moved her hand across her chest and then down to her knees. 
Instantly, she could feel her bones healing. After completely restoring everything that was broken, she used the leftover power to heal the sores all around her body, although she couldn't get to her back in time before she ran out of juice.
Finally managing to sit up, she let her feet dangle off the side of her bed. It took a few minutes for her to get the blood rushing around her body. Laying in bed for a bunch of days definitely doesn't help with circulation.
After managing to at least feel sorta normal, she decided to get up. The first few seconds on her feet made her sit down again. She felt dizzy the moment she stood up and then felt as if the world was going to fall and take her with it. 
Grabbing her crutches, she settled on at least using support for walking. 
She stood up again, but this time relying mostly on her crutches instead of putting all the weight on her feet. "I won't last for long, but at least I'll last." She slowly walked over to her closet. "Better to have last than to have lost.....or something along the lines of that...." She took in a deep breath and set her mind on surviving.
Jinxie entered the arena while still supporting herself with crutches. She walked up a few rows, trying to find an empty seat. With no luck, she was about to turn back until a small girl- most likely a freshman, stood up and offered Jinxie her seat. Jinxie bowed her head as a thank you and sat down, leaning her crutches against the seat in front of her. 
She looked around. It seemed like they were only on the second battle. Most likely there was a long ways to go until she would be up. 
The battle was quite interesting, but not interesting enough to distract Jinxie from the worry of her own battle. She twiddled her thumbs and almost thought about leaving the arena until her battle started, if the person sitting next to her didn't tap her. 
"You're Jinxie, right?" It was a nervous looking red headed boy. He gave her a weak smile while he tapped vigorously on his knee.
She nodded. "Sorry have we met-?"
He shook his head. "Oh no, I don't think so. Maybe in passing, but not officially." he held out his hand. "My names Elijah and I'm supposed to be your opponent today."
The battle that was raging just moments ago came to an abrupt end when one student shot the other one up into the air and into the seats. Thankfully, most onlookers got out of the way in time. After a few seconds, Jinxie heard Helmy from somewhere in the arena say "Legal". 
Jinxie gave Elijah a grin and shook his hand. "I'm sorry I didn't really know who I was facing this round. I haven't been outside much." She nudged her crutches with her toes and smiled. 
He gave her a half-hearted chuckle. "Oh it's fine. Are you ok now?"
"Guess so." 
The next round was about to start. Helmy announced the next two contestants. "Countour vs. Kaine!"
"I heard that we're supposed to be the eighth battle, and this is only the third."
"Ugh, we've still got a long ways to go."
Nodding his head, Elijah seemed to take Jinxie's constant replying as a welcome to probe her with questions. "How did your past battle go? Were they close ones or did you completely defeat your opponents?" He seemed quite giddy all of a sudden.
She smirked. "Well obviously my last one didn't go too well for me if I came out of it with both knees fractured and a bunch of ribs broken."
"Oh. Well I guess I just really want to know if we're gonna be a close match or if I should worry."
her face scrunched up. "Well I'm guessing you probably have the upper hand seeing as I'll be needing my crutches throughout the battle."
Elijah shrugged and reached down to pull up his shirt. He revealed that his whole stomach was wrapped, not even an inch of skin showing. "I got pretty badly injured too, don't worry about it."
Grinning, she decided it might be better for the two of them to start off with even platforms rather than both of them sinking on the ground. (not to mention that they most likely will sink on the ground, she heard that there were going to be spots of quicksand on this playing field.) "Would you like to exchange information. So we won't be bulls running amuck?"
He pondered on her offer for a few minutes "Sounds good." he nodded his head. "I'll go first. I'm a chimera."
"Ha," She chuckled "That's great. A phoenix fighting a chimera."
"So you're a phoenix then?"
"And a carbuncle."
"What a mix!"
"Tell me about it..." She sighed.
The third battle came to an end. Jinxie wasn't paying attention to it, but it seemed like a close competition. Helmy announced the next two students. "Chrono vs Alexei!" 
"uh well," Elijah's smile turned nuetral. "Since I'm a chimera I have duel personalities. So I'm sorry if I turn...something not friendly." As he blinked, Jinxie swore she saw his pupils turn slitted, but just as fast as they came, they disappeared. 
Nodding solemnly, she let out a deep sigh. "I'm afraid I'm also the same, but hopefully you will never have to see the other me."
He gave her an understanding smile, and then it became a smirk. "Come on, give me something more juicy, you've been branching off of my facts."
She rolled her eyes. "Fine....Uhm on top of fire magic and a phoenix form, I have plain old magic. magic of the soul. lol." She winked.
Elijah laughed a bit. "I have enhanced senses and strength."
"I have a hot body." She winked again. "In more than just one way." 
after a second of silence, they both started laughing. Suddenly, Eli's pupils became tiny slits and he put his hand on her thigh. "You sure do." But he quickly pulled away and closed his eyes tightly. "Why the hell would you do that? That is unacceptable. Oh my god. Oh come on. Shut up. She liked i- go away!" He looked up at Jinxie with his normal eyes again. "I'm so sorry, truly. I'm sorry! Do not apologize." He shook his head.
"I-It's fine."
"i'm sorry."
"it's ok, don't worry about it." She gave him a small smile and turned to watch the fighting. She was going to have an interesting fight.
It was finally time for Jinxie and Elijah to fight. Once Jinxie put even one foot down on the sand, her hopes of winning went down by another %30. There was no possible way she could fight with crutches while struggling to even walk on the crumbling ground. 
Seeing Elijah across the arena, she gave him a smile. It looked like when he stepped onto the arena ground, he missed some quicksand by an inch. They both got into the battle quickly, but steadily. Elijah turned into a chimera and charged her. She let out a couple of spurts of fireballs, but realizing she was too weak to do anything grand, she jumped out of the way just in time. She focused all of her energy on picking herself up with fire before he had time to charge her again. The fire was weak, but it was enough to get her just over his head as he tackled the spot that she was just in. 
Before she had any more time to react, Elijah quickly turned around and jumped at her. He pulled her down and pinned her against the ground. 
Jinxie was out of juice to fuel her inner fire. Fading in and out of consciousness, she attempted to kick her, but only managed to get her a bite from the snake in return. Elijah started chocking her, and she could feel an area of quicksand forming right near her head. This was it. She had lost. Her only regret was that she didn't put up much of a fight. Her loss was quick and embarrassing. 
Cold. Cold and helpless. I'm so cold.

"Weak. You are so weak. You are not cold. You are weak and dishonorable. I cannot even believe that we are one. You shouldn't even exist, I should have control of this body at all times. And it's unacceptable that a weak bitch like you is controlling what I do. I haven't had any fun in a while, and I finally get to be let out."

Jinxie opened her eyes, but they were not her eyes anymore. They were not even eyes, just blank slates. Before Elijah could do anything, Jinxie emitted a large wave of blue magic that knocked him far back. She- or it, stood up and erupted in blue flames. After a few second, the flames succumbed to nothing but small flickers coming from around the Harlequins body. 
Jinxie stood in a whole different outfit: she had a top with a diamond pattern, her skirt looked liked it was made of fire, her blue striped tights stretched into jester shoes adorned by little bells, and she wore long black and white gloves with a flash of red covering her pinkies. Her smiled was crooked and her lips almost looked stitched. Her hair looked more like fire now than ever, with the blue gone and replaced by white and black. Feathers grew all up her neck and the stone was actually visible sticking out of her chest.
As Elijah recovered, he looked over her new form. "Is this the fucking form you warned me about? It is nothing. You are just a weak bitch compared to me. This will be quite easy."
The harlequin gave him and evil smirk and flicked her finger up. The chimera was thrown into the air. She twirled her finger, and he spun in the air along with it. She then put her finger down and Elijah came crashing to the ground.
A whimper was barely heard coming from him before she raised her hand up, and had his almost unconscious body float up along with it. suddenly, a circle of blue fire surrounded him and a sigil formed in the middle of it. Then, in a few seconds he yelled out in excruciating pain. 
The Harlequin did nothing but laugh. When she got tired of his struggle, she relaxed her hand and he dropped limp to the ground. she then looked around the arena, and gave an evil giggle. "So many new toys to break." Her giggle turned into a grotesque laugh and as she raised her hands, a little prickle of pain came from the back of her head until it became unbearable. The Harlequin grabbed her head and groaned under her breath.
Her body fell to the ground, beaten and battered like a ragdoll, but still alive. 

I will come back one day soon. You cannot keep me trapped forever. I will escape your damn cage and kill everyone you hold dear. Just you wait, one of these days you will not be able to do anything. It might be goodnight for now, but soon in the near future it will be a good day for death.
Tourny round 4 Elijah vs Jinxie
2611 words.
Elijah belongs to :icontrufflebutter: [I am so sorry if I might have written Elijah wrong!]
Jinxie belongs to me.
The Harlequin reference: (a bit outdated)
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that this week I'll be in Atlantic City and then NY with limited internet. Next week I'll be going to volleyball camp but I'll have more internet there.
List of drawings I'm currently working on:
Chrona update- 80% (probably will be uploaded before september)
Koss Bday gift- 65% (hopefully will be uploaded before september)
Liam bday gift- 10%, transferring to painting (will be done before school starts)
Tourny round 4- %12 (DUE AUGUST 31)


Light a Roman Candle with me by Aceykunn
Phillip Maxwell by Aceykunn
Red Fullbody by Aceykunn
GIrl in the sea by Aceykunn
Reflections are your friendly foes by Aceykunn
Discord-CHR 101 by Aceykunn
With BG or not, your choice
mostly for the groups I'm in, but I can do OCs and other characters too. I am not so keen on fanart, but I will definitely try~
Booppoop by Aceykunn
Blossom Viewing madness by Aceykunn
Sqoochysqoochy by Aceykunn
Pts305/ intriguing eye by Aceykunn
Badger~ by Aceykunn
Jango+Haku icon by Aceykunn
Up to 20 frames! If it is more, please note me for a price range. If ti is a flash request, also note me.
Jangoheadshot by Aceykunn
Formal art swap by Aceykunn
Lacuna Lazarus by Aceykunn
You can chose if you want a bg or not. You can also choose which medium you prefer. And if you want a traditional medium, I can ship it to you for an extra cost. (Also, some mediums, like acrylic paint cost a bit more)


Aceykunn's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Avital, I'm 15 and I live in a wasteland called America.

I do art trades, point commissions, collabs, kiribians and sometimes gifts/requests.

I go to an art high school.

My tumblr is:

If you would like to draw me anything or use one of my characters, there is no need to ask! Just make sure to show it to me one way or another ^^

My birthday badge

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